2300 SERIES  

• 3 ¼” Jamb depth

• Frame and sash corners are fusion-
welded for superior strength and a
superior seal

• Multi-chambered profiles add additional thermal performance, durability and help minimize condensation

• Triple – seal weather stripping provides
better protection against energy loss

• Truth maxim operator with the hinges
along the jamb allow sash to open easily
from the bottom for fresh air ventilation
(as shown)

• Multi-point locking system adds additional security, an enhanced seal and performance

• Full screen removable easily from the inside (not shown)

• Drainage channel is hidden on exterior part of window

• 7/8” Overall double glazed insulated glass with an extra seal around the white warm
edge spacer for optimum performance
(1” overall available)

• Multiple combinations available

• Exterior view of window shown