Retro Fit Full Frame Replacement New Construction

The number one reason for a retro fit application is it allows you the convenience
of leaving the existing frame intact and simply replacing the old glass and leaky sashes with a new energy efficient window.

3 ¼” 2500 Series frame displayed




For enhanced cosmetics, or due to the fact
that the existing window frame is in such
poor condition, the other option is to remove the entire window. In this situation all window series can be equipped with a brickmould
(no fin) and a interior wood jamb extension (paint grade or stainable) to suit the walls' depth. Vinyl jamb extensions can be used
in most homes.

1 1/8” Decorative brickmould, 3 ¼” 2500 series frame & 3 3/8” wood jamb extension displayed


Choose from any window series equipped
with a brickmould (with fin) and a interior
vinyl jamb or wood extension (paint grade
or stainable wood).

1 1/8” Decorative brickmould with fin, 3 ¼” 2500 series frame & 3 3/8“ vinyl jamb extension displayed



• 2’’ Brickmould and sidingmould available
with or without flange

• Nailing Flange

• ½” or ¾” Drywall/Wood Returns

• 1 ¼” Exterior vinyl jamb extension

• 1 ½”, 3”, 3 1/4”, 3 3/8” or 4 5/8” Vinyl interior jamb extensions

• Vinyl clad wood extension up to 4 "

• Various types of wood jamb extensions and
wood casings (paintable or stainable wood)

• 2 5/8” or 3 3/8” Vinyl casings